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Terms & Conditions


Agreement on release from liability in connection with participation in the OCTOPUS GRAVEL, assumption of risks and general conditions of participation.

Read this document carefully before signing it!

(1) I confirm my participation in the Octopus Gravel by depositing the entry fee or part of it and take responsibility for all risks arising from it.
I am responsible for the fact that I am physically fit, trained and in a sufficient state of health at the Octopus Gravel and have at best had this confirmed medically in the run-up to the event.
I am aware that participation carries risks and, in extreme cases, can lead to damage to health or physical injury, permanent disability or death.


(2) I am responsible for the condition of my competition equipment.

My bike complies with the legal requirements for riding on public roads in Switzerland. I wear a helmet at all times while driving (we recommend the minimum requirement EN 1078).My bike is equipped with a forward white light and a bright red light at the back and a rear-facing retro-reflector (Art 216. VTS and Art 217. VTS)


(3) I follow the instructions of the organiser

The instructions of the organiser and his staff must be followed in any case. This also applies to measures related to the implementation of a safety/hygiene concept or which otherwise serve the safety and health of participants or third parties (e.g. participation during a pandemic). In the event of violations that could disrupt the proper course of the event or endanger the safety/health of the other participants or third parties, the organiser is entitled to exclude the participant in question from the event with immediate effect.


(4) The Swiss Road Traffic Act is valid at all times.

I am aware that the Octopus Gravel takes place on public roads that are not closed off. Rules must be followed, such as not crossing control and safety lines, stopping in the event of appropriate signalling or granting priority to authorised traffic participants. In addition, the bicycle must be illuminated (according to Art. 30 VRV), see point 3. The organiser has the right to disqualify participants in case of misconduct and to exclude them from the next two events.


(5) Waiver of Liability: I waive any and all claims, liabilities, damages, loss compensation and causes of action (including court costs, attorneys’ fees and litigation costs) against the organisers that may arise in connection with my participation in the Octopus Gravel.

I confirm that I take the risks of the following, non-exhaustive list: Falls and dangers due to collision with vehicles, pedestrians, animals, other participants, helpers, spectators, third parties or fixed objects, as well as due to material or weather-related influences. I confirm that I have sufficient liability cover, either with a Swiss insurance company or with a comparable foreign institution.


(6) Insurance is a matter for the participants. I confirm that I am adequately insured to cover any costs incurred through medical treatment, primary care, transport, repatriation, hospitalisation, etc.

I agree to seek medical care that seems advisable in the event of injury, accident or illness during the event. I hereby grant the medical service of the event or public medical care any necessary medical treatment. I assume responsibility and liability for all expenses incurred in connection with the training and/or participation in the event, including medical transportation, hospitalisation, medical care and treatment, and medical and pharmaceutical services.


(7) I agree to the use of my name, images of me, my voice and/or image for the illustration of publications, websites, media reports, videos, webcasts and other PR purposes related to the Octopus Gravel (organiser, sponsors and partners).

I agree to the publication of my name, place of residence and vintage on official start/result lists in printed or electronic form. I agree that my address data may be passed on to sponsors, partners and service providers, as well to third parties for services. The organiser may also collect personal data in order to ensure the proper execution of the event in compliance with the legal/official requirements of traceability for reasons of health protection (e.g. infection chains COVID-19). Refusal to provide this address can be reported in writing to the organiser (


(8) With my registration I confirm my participation in the event. I am aware that no entry fees will be refunded (with the exception of clause 12).

My registration is well-considered. I agree that my entry fee will not be refunded if I am unable to participate in the event or if I change my route. Not even in the case of a cancellation with a medical certificate. The organiser recommends to take out a cancellation insurance at the time of registration. If I cannot participate, I have the following options: I transfer my starting place to someone I know or I cancel my registration and receive a voucher for the following year’s event. The second option is only possible up to 6 weeks before the event. I choose the option independently via the link in the registration confirmation.


(9) I agree that the Promoter may, in its sole discretion, decide to postpone or cancel the event if it deems it unworkable or if it considers the conditions on the day of the event to be too dangerous.

In the case that the event is cancelled or postponed for any reason, including force majeure, natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics and any other circumstances, no refund of participation fees or other costs incurred in connection with the event will be made by the organiser or its partners. The organiser also reserves the right to declare changes to the original event description for factually justified reasons. If the event is cancelled due to an epidemic or pandemic (e.g. Covid-19), the starting fee will be refunded according to the following scheme:Cancellation 6 weeks before the event. You have the choice between 

– 100% refund (admin fee CHF 20)

– Transfer of the starting place to the following eventCancellation less than 2 weeks before the event:

– In case of cancellation due to a pandemic/epidemic in the last 2 weeks before the event, the organizer reserves the right to first assess the situation and based on that, decide on the procedure with already paid participation fees.

(10) I am aware of the fact that the Promoter reserves the right, in its sole and sole discretion, to refuse to participate in the Octopus Gravel without justification, to withdraw a Participant’s application for participation at any time and/or to disqualify a person from the event. 

The Participant expressly waives any claims in connection with a refusal to participate or the revocation of a participation application that exceed the amount of the participation fee.


(11)Special regulations in the event that COVID-19 pandemic regulations are applicable at the time of the event.

If a Covid certificate is required by the event, I confirm that I have a valid Covid certificate at the time of participation (in the sense of the 3 G rule, or the regulation applicable at the time of the event) and will present this to the organiser upon request.


(12)Unclear wording

If any provision of this Agreement is found to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, this provision shall be deemed severable from the remainder of this Agreement and shall have no effect on the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Agreement.


(13)Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by Swiss law.

Bern, Februar 2022